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"a handful of dust"

Hey! My name's Emmanuel. I tend to post about the Avengers, Mercy Thompson, Temeraire, Supernatural, Rob Thurman, Harry Potter, and loads of other stuff. I play videogames, dive into comics, anime, and manga, and watch way too many TV shows...
Sep 20 '14


When artists say they suck at arting

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Sep 20 '14

"Do you think you could tell me what the plan is?"

Sep 20 '14


One of my favorite, if very understated, friendships in fairy tail is the friendship between juvia and gajeel

Sep 20 '14

Turn it back on.

Sep 20 '14


Monkey and Trip Commission for the lovely Dornier

It was such a joy to draw this, I absolutely adore these losers.

Sep 20 '14


Screenshot redraw challenge. Day 1 Fairy Tail.
I’ve finally drawn my OTP *___*

Sep 20 '14

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Sep 20 '14


Birth of the universe - The Tree of Life (2011)

Sep 20 '14


That’s why I had to call you garbage a second time just now.

Sep 20 '14
Sep 20 '14

Enslaved + silhouettes

Sep 19 '14


If you’re a huge Final Fantasy fan like me, then surely you’ve heard of the news from TGS earlier today/last night!

Square Enix has finally announced a release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - March 17th for North America, and March 20th for Europe.

The company’s YouTube page has just released a TGS trailer for the game - all in Japanese, but IGN has leaked an English 25-minute gameplay video that they’re currently in trouble for (at least that’s what I heard, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true).

The game will come with a voucher that’ll redeem a playable demo for the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV, which has also been graced with a TGS trailer that I’ll be posting separately in just a bit.

Excited yet? I’ve been excited since the game came out in Japan for the PSP nearly 3 years ago. It was originally released for the PSP in October 2011, with plans for an overseas release - but due to declining PSP sales the project was scrapped. An HD remake for current-gen (PS4 and Xbox One) was announced at this year’s E3.

Not sure how I feel about the English voices though - but I like Rem and Seven’s so far. Ace’s…ehhh. The extra voices - soldiers talking on the comm, the narrator in the beginning - sound kinda mechanical to me, but I’m trying not to complain so much because I’ve been waiting for localization news for so long and I finally have it. Maybe I just need to listen to more footage? I’ve played the original PSP version a few times so I may be used to the Japanese voices too. Who knows…but at least the game’s release is just six months away!

- Julz

Sep 19 '14

x-23 vol. 2 cover art

Sep 19 '14


I am not an animal. I am not…a thing. Why did no one ever see that? How could they look at me and hurt me like they did? How was that possible? How? What was wrong with them? How could they? How could they?

X-23 #9 by Marjorie Liu, art by Ryan Stegman and Matteo Buffagni

Sep 19 '14


Angel the Series -  Illyria, the Quotable Great Monarch and Warrior of the Demon Age